Two Suns in the Sunset - Douglas Boston Havoc Turbinlite Original

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Douglas Boston Havoc RAF Original Aviation Aircraft Art Pencil Drawing by Aviation Artist Paul Couper GAvA


Douglas' DB-7 twin-engined bomber received considerable interest before WWII from both Britain and France with the French ordering the aircraft in reasonable number. Unfortunately most of these were only ready after the fall of France and as such they were diverted to Britain where it was quickly realised that the DB-7s equipped with the more powerful super-charged R-1830 engines would be very suitable for the Night Fighter and Night Intruder roles. In the former role they became known as the Havoc and in addition to the machine gun armed aircraft an ingenious operational technique was designed where an aircraft was fitted with a large searchlight and used in conjunction with Hurricane , lighting up enemy aircraft while the Hurricanes attacked.

With advances in airborne interception radar the 'Turbinlite' aircraft became unnecessary and the aircraft was replaced by Havoc, Beaufighter and later Mosquito night fighters from early 1942.


This is the original pencil drawing from which our prints are taken. It comes framed and ready-to-hang, measuring 25.5" x 16.5" (65cm x 42cm) overall. Could potential clients please contact us for a buyers pack.


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