Bill Perring - Counting Them In - Hawker Hurricane

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Royal Air Force Hawker Hurricane Aircraft Aviation Birthday Card


Designed by Sir Sydney Camm, the Hawker Hurricane first entered service in 1937 and proved to be a superb design. Built with a mixture of traditional and cutting-edge techniques it was to prove durable and rugged during the early period of the war.


Later, from 1941 onwards improved versions were introduced with the Mk.IIc being the most important. Outclassed as a pure fighter from 1942, the Mk.IIc proved to be a superb ground attack aircraft with its four 20mm cannon, or fitted with bombs,. Other sub-versions of the Mk.II were equipped with rockets, anti-tank guns and also, with modification, operated from aircraft carriers as the Sea Hurricane. These aircraft come from 3 Squadron and are being counted in by the local school children after escorting British bombers, probably Bristol Blenheims in the early part of 1942 

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