Chris French FGAvA - Winter Fuellers - Handley Page Victor (W)

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Handley Page Victor 55 Squadron Christmas Card by Aviation Artist Chris French FGAvA


A pair of 55 Squadron Handley Page Victor K2s sit on a snowy pan at RAF Marham in the Winter of 1992/3. Still sporting their Op Granby nose art from the Gulf War in 1991, these iconic aircraft would be retired in October 1993 with 55 Sqn being disbanded and the Air to Air Refuelling role being taken up by Vickers VC10s.

The painting depict the two Victors that remain in taxiable condition to this day; XM715 and XL231 ('Teasin Tina' and 'Lusty Lindy').

Larger prints are available as is the ORIGINAL OIL ON CANVAS Painting.


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