David Lawrence - Dawn Patrol - Hawker Sea Harrier FRS.1

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British Aerospace Sea Harrier FRS Mk.1 Aircraft Birthday Card


Ingenious, long-lived and blooded in combat, the Harrier has been a surprising success for an aircraft that was initially not wanted and is not even capable of super-sonic flight. Though the first RAF aircraft entered service in 1969, the Navy, then operating the Phantom FG.1 would not contemplate such an aircraft for carrier service. Yet, when the Royal Navy’s carrier force was cut back to such an extent that only three “Through-Deck Cruisers” would be left, the Navy had little choice but to accept it. Over the Falklands in 1982, the Harrier showed just how good an aircraft it was and Nigel “Sharkey” Ward more than praised the aircraft when he said that for the re-taking of the islands he would have preferred the Harrier to any other aircraft.


David Lawrence’s Aviation birthday card shows an early  Sea Harrier having just left the deck of one of the three “Invincible” class “Through-deck Cruisers” via another innovation, the ski ramp.

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