Full Ahead - HMS Tiger


HMS Tiger WWI Dreadnought Battlecruiser Marine Painting Art Print by Naval Artist Roger H. MIddlebrook GAvA


Built by John Browns Shipyard on Clydebank, HMS Tiger served with the 1st Battlecruiser Squadron of David Beatty for the whole of WWI. Learning from the previous HMS Lion, Tiger's main armament was kept clear of the funnels, giving a much wider arc of fire and a cleaner appearance.


Present at the Battles of Dogger Bank and Jutland, she sustained a number of hits during the latter engagement, surviving due to a better distribution of armour. With the unwillingness of the German High Seas Fleet to commit its surface fleet to sea after Jutland, HMS Tiger spent the rest of WWI on uneventful North Sea Patrols. 


The ship would survive WWI and be broken up in 1931. 

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