German Fighters - Luftwaffe Aircraft DVD

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Luftwaffe DVD on the German Fighters of WWII


In its prime the German Air Force possessed some of the greatest fighters the world had ever seen. With the Bf-109 and Bf-110, the Luftwaffe was able to sweep the skies of western Europe up to the point of the Battle of Britain where the large twin was found to be short on agility and the single-seaters'  short endurance helped scupper plans for the planned invasion. In 1941, the Luftwaffe received the Fw-190, an aircraft that again gained air superiority for the Axis over the channel front and later in Russia. During this time experiments with alternative power had carried on apace, leading to the first flight of the all-jet He 280 and then the even more radical Me 163 Komet. This later aircraft, along with the Me 262 would become two of the most feared aircraft at war's end and had a huge impact on the designs from both East and West in the next decade or more. 


These aircraft are looked at in the context of the time they were produced and the associated difficulties the new technologies threw up. 


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