Hasegawa 1:48 Junkers Ju-87 Stuka - SOLD

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Professionally Built model of the Junkers Ju-87B Stuka (Hasegawa 1/48)


Gaining a fearsome reputation in the early campaigns in WWII, the Junkers Ju-87 has become one of the truly legendary aircraft from the conflict. Despite appalling loses in the Battle of Britain, the aircraft would continue to serve the air forces of Germany and her allies through the campaigns in Greece, the Balkans, the North African desert and, most-notably, in Russia. 


This is Hasegawa’s model in 1/48 scale. It was painted in Xtracolour enamels. A similar model, built without modification, would cost £95.00, plus the cost of the kit. Please contact us through the Commissions section if you are interested

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