John Austin - Bude at Okehampton - 34006 Bude (W)

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BR West Country Steam Locomotive Train Blank Christmas or Birthday Card by John Austin FGRA 

OVS Bulleid's Light Pacifics were one of the numerous classes of steam locomotives in Britain with well over one-hundred built. Named for towns in the West Country served by the Southern Railway and famous people, squadrons, units and aircraft from the Battle of Britain, the locomotives would prove an outstanding success.


In their initial form, Bulleid had developed several novel features which could , at times, give problems so a good number of the class were rebuilt with more conventional styling after British Railways was formed. 


The locomotive seen here at is 34006 Bude, built in 1945 and never rebuilt. Okehampton, in the heart of Devon remains a railway attraction to this day with a running diesel unit and a station museum and shop celebrating the great trains and locomotives that were once an everyday occurrence. 

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