John Austin - Carlisle - B.R Duchess & Jubilee (W)

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Railway Train Steam Locomotive Birthday Card featuring Duchess Class 4-6-2 46230 Duchess of Buccleuch, 46238 City of Carlisle and Jubilee 45639 Raleigh from a painting by John Austin GRA


One of the great centres of Steam, Carlisle was always a favoured place for fans of the former-LMS engines. In John Austin's Blank Railway Card we see three stalwarts of the West Coast Main Line with two of William Stanier's Duchess class, 46230 Duchess of Buccleuch and 46238 City of Carlisle alongside Jubilee Class 46539 Raleigh. In addition to these three are a ubiquitous 'Jinty' 0-6-0 and a sign of times to come with a Derby lightweight DMU.

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