John Austin - County & Castle (W)

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Railway Train Steam Locomotive Birthday Card featuring 5069 Isambard Kingdom Brunel &  1005 County of Devom from a painting by John Austin GRA


Two generations of GWR Locomotives fight their way through the spray at Dawlish. This scene is one of the artists' favourites with a number of paintings looking at Kings, Catles and Halls at the location.


The Castle first appeared in 1923 and was one of the few classes of pre-nationalisation locomotives to still be built after B.R was formed. 7032 was one of the later builds, entering traffic in 1950 and being upgraded to the larger double-chimney arrangement in 1960 before withdrawal in 1964.  


The County was produced under the guidance of Hawksworth and built from 1945-1947. At present there are no preserved examples but a group is aiming to build one.


While still one of the premier locations for train enthusiasts, the sight of diesel units does not lift the soul as the sight of one of these wonderful machines did

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