John Austin - Sir Keith Park - Battle of Britain Class (W)

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Railway Train Steam Locomotive Birthday Card featuring BR Southern 34053 Sir Keith Park from a painting by John Austin FGRA


Built to OVS Bulleid's original "Spam Can" design, 34053 "Sir Keith Park" was rebuilt along more conventional lines in 1958. Retired in October 1965, 34053 would avoid the cutters torch and become the subject of one of the longest restorations seen in Britain. 34053 would return to steam in 2012 at a cost of over £770,000 but to the people who donated both time and money it was worth every penny. 


In memorial to the great man himself, a pair of Supermarine Spitfires can also be seen in the picture.


This is an ideal card for anyone with an interest in the Southern Railway or who may have a connection with the locomotive.

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