John Austin - Tornado at Durham - A1 60163 (W)

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Railway Train Steam Locomotive Fathers Day Birthday Card featuring Peppercorn A1 60163 Tornado from a painting by John Austin GRA


Probably the greatest achievement of the Preserved Steam era, the building of a Peppercorn A1 pacific from scratch at Doncaster shows the strength, courage and ability of members of the movement. 


While the locomotive is close enough to the original specification not to require a severe testing by National Rail, the opportunity was taken to improve on certain design aspects that proved troublesome in service. Hence the new loco, 60163 'Tornado' can be seen  as the epitome of the class and has shown it with some breathtaking runs up and down the nation.


In John Austin's Railway Card, ideal for a Birthday or Father's Day, the locomotive is seen at Durham on metals that her classmates made their own during the 1950s and 1960s. The city's famous cathedral can be seen in the background 

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