Kevin Walsh - Happy Days at Blackpool - Blackpool Tram

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Blackpool Tram Blank Birthday Card by Artist Kevin Walsh


The late 1950s were a heady time in Britain as with the relinquishing of rationing in 1954, Britain could look forward to a brighter future. Kevin Walsh’s greetings card shows some of that optimism, along with some of the most commons sights around Britain’s seaside resorts. 

Blackpool is obviously most famous for its tower and trams and the large double-deckers, of which one is seen in the background, were made by English-Electric in 1934-35. Donkey rides have also been a popular mode of transport around seaside towns and many a small child have been fascinated by these loveable characters.

As a way of dating the card, the De Havilland Rapide flying overhead and “Teddy-boy” are the best, the Rapide seeing great use on pleasure flights and the “Ted” being the first real youth culture to emerge in Britain. One can hear Tommy Steele’s “Rock with a Caveman” and Bill Haley’s “Rock Around The Clock” playing in the background.


This blank card would be ideal for any occasion and any lover of the cars of a golden era in British design

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