Kevin Walsh - Passing By - LNER V2 and Austin

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Steam Train Birthday Cards - LNER V2 Class by Railway Artist Kevin Walsh


The V2 class of locomotive were an exceptionally successfulmixed-traffic class of engine which could nearly match the running time when onpassenger work of Gresley’s larger A3 Pacifics. 

Strong and hardy, the V2 became one of the main LNER workhorses with nofewer than 184 being built. Being derived from their larger A3 cousins, the V2were successful from the off, though their axle weight of 22-tons made them tooheavy for some of the lighter laid lines. Their greatest contribution wasduring WWII, when they provided the muscle for a great many special trains andit can be said that they were the railways’ most important loco during thistime.

Withdrawn by 1966, one example has been preserved (4771 Green Arrow).This painting by Kevin Walsh shows a typical late 1930s scene with a familywatching a V2 rushing through before they carry on with their journey in theirAustin 7 Ruby.

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