Kevin Walsh - Thunderbird - Ford Thunderbird

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Ford Thunderbird American Car Blank Birthday Card by Motoring Artist Kevin Walsh


American car design reached a high point in the mid-late 1950s that it has been unable to reach since. Young people with money, young designers and a fascination with space travel and comfort combined to produce some of the most iconic cars ever to see a road.

Cadillac, Plymouth,Buick, Chevrolet all had their classic designs, while Ford produced one of the best two-seaters, the Thunderbird. Iconic in look and name, the Thunderbird gave the American people a car which they could really enjoy and laid the foundations for the other great Ford sports car, the Mustang which would followthe Thunderbird as the sports car of the 1960s

This wonderful birthday or greetings card by Kevin Walsh shows what the Thunderbird was really made for, long trips by couples to as yet inaccessible parts of America. 

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