Lee Lacey - Motorcycle Marques - Ariel Arrow and Leader (W)

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Ariel Arrow and Leader Motorbike Birthday Greetings Card by Motorcycle Artist Lee Lacey AGAvA


Part of the BSA Group, Ariel had ceased to make four-stroke motorcycles in the late 1950s preferring to concentrate on the production of smaller two-stroke machines. The two motorcycles seen here were the most successful items to come of this philosophy.


The Arrow, sometimes known as the Golden Arrow, was a sportier off--shoot of the Leader seen in the background and proved exceptionally popular with learners who wanted a 'bike with more 'Go'. Initially produced in 200cc capacity, Arrows were later produced at 250cc and were liked for their excellent brakes and engines that could take a considerable amount of tuning. It is even reckoned that more than one Arrow even passed the magical 'ton', quite a feat for a 1960s 250cc.

First in the line of two-strokes, the Leader was very much a commuters motorcycle with panniers and shielding to protect one's trousers from unsightly oil leaks on the way to work. It proved quite popular and as well as spawning the Arrow, lead to the mock-up of a fascinating 700cc machine that now resides in the  British Motorcycle Museum.


The original oil on canvas board painting from which our cards and prints are taken is currently available. It measures 16" x 12" (406mm x 305mm), with a framed size of 20" x 16" (508mm x 406mm


The image is number 5 in our range of 10 pictures for our "Motorcycle Marques" range

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