Lee Lacey - Motorcycle Marques - Yamaha FS1-E and FS1-E DX

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Yamaha FS1-E Fizzy Motorbike Birthday Greetings Card by Motorcycle Artist Lee Lacey AGAvA


Fondly remembered as giving many motorcyclists their first experience of independence, the 50cc FS1-E has become something of an icon. First released in 1973, the FS1-E or "Fizzy" as it has become universally known would be a must-have for 16 year olds. The original model would be replaced by the DX, which featured deletion of the pedals and a new disc brake on the front. The FS1-E would remain in production until 1988.77. 



The original oil on canvas board painting from which our cards and prints are taken is currently available. It measures 16" x 12" (406mm x 305mm), with a framed size of 20" x 16" (508mm x 406mm


The image is number 8 in our range of 10 pictures for our "Motorcycle Marques" range

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