Lee Lacey - Queens of the Desert - Matilda Infantry Tank (W)

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Matilda Infantry Tank Military Vehicle Art Painting Greetings Card by Artist Lee Lacey AGAvA


Very few vehicles have ever gained a reputation to match that of the Matilda II. In the first year of the North African campaign one regiment of Matilda, 7th RTR, were able to instil in the Italian tank crews the respect that British crews would later have for the 88mm and later still, the Tiger. Put simply, the tank was immune to all Italian weapons at all but the closest of ranges. Even with the advent of the Afrika Korps, the Matilda was one of very few British weapons not totally outmoded and it was only with the deployment of the 88mm anti-aircraft gun as an anti-tank piece that Matilda losses mounted. With a turret ring too small to accept any gun bigger than a 2pdr or 3" howitzer, the tank was withdrawn from the frontline of the desert war in 1942.


Similar to the Matilda, the Hawker Hurricane was very much the aircraft of its day and pilots from 33, 80 and 274 squadrons were to have considerable success against the Italian Air Forces deployed in Libya. In 1940 and early 1941, the small number of Hurricanes were able to offer stiff resistance and it was not until the deployment of the Bf-109E to the desert that things shifted markedly in the axis favour. The Hurricane would go on to have a very successful secondary life though as later Mk.II aircraft were used for bombing, interdiction and tank-busting duties.


A print has been released in two sizes, both of 100 copies each. All prints come signed and numbered by the artst.

The original oil on canvas board painting is currently available and measures 22" x 15" with a framed size of 26" x 19". 

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