Malcolm Root - 4472 The Flying Scotsman

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Birthday/ Greeting Card featuring LNER Locomotive 4472 Flying Scotsman from a Railway Art Painting by Artist Malcolm Root


The Great Northern Railway instigated the design of the A1 passenger locomotive and had built two examples by the time of the grouping of 1923.


Designed by Nigel Gresley, Chief Mechanical Engineer of the GNR and later LNER, the third in the series was to be exhibited at the Great Britain exhibition at Wembley in 1923. For the event the new locomotive was christened "Flying Scotsman" and an icon was born that has lasted 90 years.


The first locomotive to do a recorded 100mph and first to run non-stop from London to Edinburgh non-stop, 4472 has been a remarkable survivor since her retirement in 1963. She is now owned by the National Railway Museum at York.


This card would be ideal for anyone with a love of steam and for people interested in the LNER especially

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