Malcolm Root - Black Paint & Polished Steel - LMS Black 5

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Birthday/ Greeting Card featuring a LMS/ BR Black 5 4-6-0 5MT Locomotive from a Railway Art Painting by Artist Malcolm Root


Very much the jack-of-all trades, William Stanier's Class 5, or Black 5 locomotives have gone on to become an icon of British locomotive design. Built in huge numbers and equally happy on passenger or freight services, BR took the opportunity to base its own Class 5 very much on this machine. In fact, a number of the older engines were built after nationalisation and were to be seen until the end of steam.


In Malcolm Root's Railway Art Print birthday/ greeting card, two very different locos are seen together. The resplendent 45428 is shown next to the much more usual 44767 with the grime and dirt that was so synonymous of B.R by that late stage

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