Malcolm Root - Canberra at Southampton

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Birthday/ Greeting Card featuring the P&O Cruise liner SS Canberra from a Marine Art Painting by Artist Malcolm Root


One of Britain’s most iconic ships of the post-war period, P&O’s Canberra had both a long and profitable career, as well as usage as a troop ship.


Built by Harland & Wolf at Belfast, she was christened by Dame Pattie Menzies, wife of the Australian Prime Minister of the time with Australian wine rather than Champagne. Despite making her initial cruise in 1960 some reliability and financial problems delayed her being truly successful until the mid-1970s. In 1982 she became embroiled in the Falklands War where she was to see service in the thick of the action as a troop ship for the men of 42 Commando. After the war she was used on repatriation duties for captured Argentine forces before returning to a heroes welcome at Southampton


The ‘Great White Whale’, as she became affectionately known would be sold out of service in 1997 and scrapped in Pakistan.


Malcolm Root’s Birthday card shows the ship moored at Southampton.

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