Malcolm Root - Fordson Tractor & Supermarine Spitfire

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Fordson Tractor Supermarine Spitfire Blank Birthday Fathers Day Card by Artist Malcolm Root


As an island nation, Britain’s saviour could very nearly have been its downfall as feeding the population was a very real problem. Major initiatives to improvise new farming land and get people growing their own food were very successful, though further imports from the empire and USA were still an important part in the feeding of Britain’s populace.


The war did have a modernising effect on farming though and a much greater number of tractors and other machinery were in use by 1942 when compared to pre-war days and due to the size of land it was possible to utilise with such machinery, farms and fields became much bigger too.


In addition to this, WWII saw an immense increase in the number of women farmers and unlike after WWI when women were expected to return to their pre-war lives, after WWII women were less willing to leave the land


In Malcolm Root’s Battle of Britain Farming Birthday Card the Women’s Land Army, A Ferguson tractor and Spitfire can be seen together, giving support to one another through a dark period in Britain’s modern history

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