Malcolm Root - RMS Caronia

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Blank Greetings Card featuring the Cunard Cruise Ship RMS Caronia by Malcolm Root


One of the first new liners to enter service with Cunard after WWII, Caronia was given the new Cruising livery of three-tone green from the off. This led the public and crew alike to affectionately name her the "Green Goddess". While capable of crossing the Atlantic as a liner it is as a cruise ship that Caronia will always be remembered. With her sleek lines and huge single funnel she was a unique and exquisite ship to see. The ship was to be one of the last casualties of the Airliner boom with Cunard not yet fully understanding how to make cruising really profitable and she was sold in 1968.  

In this ocean liner/ cruise ship painting by Malcolm Root she is seen on one of her usual cruises around the Norwegian Fjords

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