Malcolm Root - Silver Jubilee - 2509 Silver Link

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LNER A4 Silver Jubilee Birthday Card by Malcolm Root GRA


With the building of the A4 class of locomotive, Nigel Gresley produced what many historians and enthusiasts consider being the finest railway locomotive ever constructed in Britain.

There can be no doubt that the ever-mindful advertising department took no time in publicising the first four locomotives with their striking ‘Silver’ colour schemes and names (Silver Link, Silver Fox, Silver King & Quicksilver). Combined with their special train of carriages, the ‘Silver Jubilee’ run from Kings Cross to Newcastle is possibly one of the most evocative of the period.


In this railway painting art birthday card, Malcolm Root shows the train in a low light with stunning hard working echaust as 2509 ‘Silver Link’ shows exactly what the A4’s were built for.


This card would be ideal for anyone with a love of steam and for people interested in the LNER especially 

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