Neville Robinson - Racing North - Class 55 Deltic

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British Railways Class 55 Diesel 'Deltic' Class Railway Blank Birthday Card by Neville Robinson


In 1961, the Eastern Region of B.R brought into service D9000 Royal Scots Grey and a British Railways icon was born. Only twenty-two “Deltics” or Class 55 as they were later known were built but they replaced over sixty express passenger steam locomotives.

At the time of their introduction they were the most powerful diesel locomotives in the world and despite a number of engine problems throughout their lives were used on the routes between London, York, Newcastle and Edinburgh for over twenty years. The last run by a Deltic in BR service was on 2 January 1982 when 55015 Tulyar and 55022 Royal Scots Grey completed a round trip from King’s Cross to Endinburgh.

 Popular with public and enthusiast alike, seven Deltic locomotives are preserved with a number certified for main-line running.

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