Philip D. Hawkins - All Change at Crewe - Class 40 Aureol

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Class 40 D212 Aureol Diesel Locomotive Railway EngineBirthday Greetings Card by Railway Artist Philip D. Hawkins


Owing their existence to the Type 16 prototypes of the late 1940s and early 1950s, the Class 40 diesel locomotive would serve a trial period on the Great Eastern Region  and Eastern Region of British Rail before they finally settled on expresses with the Midland Region. The ten prototypes were eventually joined by no fewer than 190 other locomotives and serve for thirty years, gradually being replaced by more powerful traction as it became available. 

Seven locomotives have been preserved and one of these 40012 is seen in its earliest days with the number of D212. It had already received its name of Aureol, named after the Elder-Demster line's ship.


This railway birthday and greeting card would appeal to anyone with a love of the LNER or railway art in general

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