Philip D. Hawkins - Coaldust & Steam - Castle Class Locomotive

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Birthday/ Greeting Card featuring GWR BR Locomotive 5098 Cliffdon Castle from a Railway Art Painting by Artist Philip D. Hawkins


The Castle class locomotives of the Great Western railway enjoyed a longevity equalled by very few other locomotives built in the U.K. The first had been constructed in 1923 for the Exhibition of Britain at Wembley, with the last rolling out of Swindon works in 1950. As such they became one of very few locomotives to be built in BR ownership to a pre-nationalisation design.


Philip D. Hawkin's excellent, atmospheric Steam Railway Locomotive Art Print birthday and greetings card shows 5098 Clifford Castle, built in 1946 being coaled in the time honoured fashion of elbow grease and muscle power. The locomotive would be retired in 1964.

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