Philip D. Hawkins - East Coast Elegance - 4468 Mallard

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4468 A4 Mallard Steam Train Locomotive Railway Engine Birthday Greetings Card by Railway Artist Philip D. Hawkins


The pinnacle of Sir Nigel Gresley's illustrious career with the LNER would be the stunning A4 class Pacifics and here the two most famous members, 4468 Mallard and 4498 Nigel Gresley (later Sir Nigel Gresley) pass at Grantham.


Gresley was knighted in 1942 for services to industry and his amazing creations would haul the East Coast expresses until the mid 1960s when the Class 55 Deltics took over. Both 4468 and 4498 are happily preserved with the latter often in working order, though mostly sporting her BR number of 60007.

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