Philip D. Hawkins - Halwill Junction - Drummond T9

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When first designed in 1895, Dougal Drummond could have had no idea that the last of his outstanding T9 locomotives would not be retired until 1961. Designed for the London & South Western Railway for express passenger duties out of Waterloo, the class are typical of the designs of the time. The LSWR eventually built 66 engines, the later locomotives differing by having a quirky Drummond theory tried out on them, this being the addition of extra water heating tubes in the firebox itself.


From 1912, Drummond’s successor, Robert Urie improved the locomotives still further and British Railways accepted all 66 into traffic in 1948. Superseded by larger engines, the “Greyhound’s” became a much loved sight on several branch lines of the Southern Region with this Railway Steam Locomotive Train Birthday Card by Philip D. Hawkins showing one of these lovely branch lines at Halwill Junction 

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