Philip D. Hawkins - Leaving St Pancras - Royal Scot

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Royal Scot Class Locomotive leaving St Pancras


By 1927, the Gresley Pacifics of the LNER had taken the lead on the London-Scotland run and the LMS were feeling the financial consequences. After testing a GWR Castle on LMS metals and a failed attempt to buy a batch of 50 from the GWR, the LMS board decided that a much more modern 4-6-0 was required, and quickly.


The result was the superlative “Royal Scot” class of engine, which even after the introduction of larger Stanier Pacifics still held an important role in the motive power rosters of the LMS. When moved from Euston to St Pancras, the locomotives were to do superb work and would be modified several times to improve their performance.


In this Railway Art Birthday Greeting Card by Philip D. Hawkins, 46109 Royal Engineer is seen in early BR days.

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