Philip D. Hawkins - Novelty at New Street

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LNWR Precedent class blank birthday or Father's Day Card by railway artist Philip D. Hawkins


Designed by Francis Webb, the LNWR ‘Precedent’class 2-4-0 became legendary during the great races of 1895 with 790 Hardwickeaveraged 67mph on the 141 mile journey from Crewe to Carlisle. Small by laterstandards, the Precedents were equipped with large driving wheels and were veryfree-running. The exploits of Hardwicke and her classmates ensured that in justsix weeks over 1hr 15 min had been taken off the journey time between Londonand Carlisle. 

This ‘Precedent’, 1682 ‘Novelty’ is seen atBirmingham New Street. The last ‘Precedent’ was retired in 1934 with no.790rightly preserved. 

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