Philip D. Hawkins - Pacific Parade - A1 60131 Osprey & A4 60015

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Railway Steam Train Birthday Cards-A1 Osprey and A4 Quicksilver


By the 1950s British Railways had fully adsorbed the earlier companies and their locomotives. Here a former LNER engine and one of the new generation stand side by side. Quicksilver had been built as one of the first four silver A4 engines for use on the Silver Jubilee train while Osprey was outshopped from Doncaster in late 1948 and went straight into BR ownership. Quicksilver would be withdrawn from service in 1963 with osprey following in 1965.


The early morning trains were always a draw for loco spotters and Philip D. Hawkins brings this back to life in this terrific railway birthday/greeting card.

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