Philip D. Hawkins - Roaring Through Retford - A1 Class

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A1 LNER BR Steam Train Railway Locomotive Christmas Card by Railway Artist Philip D. Hawkins


Even today, in a world or electrics and diesels, steam locomotives have a certain magic. The sight of a large locomotive roaring through a station is still an awe-inspiring sight and makes it easy to understand why people found sitting at a station or lineside so very entertaining. New technology has the edge in speed and cleanliness but, for sheer class, a steam loco wins every time.


In winter the spectacle becomes even better and here Peppercorn A1 60157 "Great Eastern" is seen going through Retford, Nottinghamshire at a considerable pace.


Philip D. Hawkins Railway Christmas Card would be ideal for any lover of steam, especially the LNER or BR 

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