Philip D. Hawkins - Shap Attack - LMS Patriot

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LMS Patriot Class Blank Birthday Father's Day Card by Railway Artist Philip D. Hawkins FGRA


A development of the old LNWR "Claughton" class, the Patriots allied the chassis and running gear of the older class with a Royal Scot boiler. While not as large as the earlier "Royal Scots", the Patriots or "Baby Scots" as they were sometimes known were nevertheless important locomotives in the LMS inventory and could give some exciting displays, especially over the treacherous Shap Summit climb. As their name suggests many were named after famous soldiers, regiments or ships. This particular example, 5532 was named after HMS Illustrious.


In this Railway Art Birthday Greeting Card by Philip D. Hawkins, 5532 is seen giving her all up Shap sometime in the 1930s.  

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