Philip D. Hawkins - Waterloo Departure - Schools Class

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Train Birthday Card - Schools Class 30903 Charterhouse Southern Region loco at Waterloo by Philip D. Hawkins

The most powerful 4-4-0 built in Britain, the Schools Class were designed by Richard Maunsell and entered service in 1930. Eventually forty would be built and give excellent service to both the Southern Railway and British Railways. 


Waterloo, as one of the London Terminus' has always been a mecca for loco spotters and in steam days was a place where father and son could quite often be found taking numbers and talking to many of the drivers about their wonderful machines. 

The last Schools class left service in 1962, though three example have been preserved and can be found running on both the North Yorkshire Moors and Bluebell Railway in Kent.


As one of the finest railway artists, Philip D. West produces an atmosphere few can. Any lover of steam will appreciate this railway engine birthday and greeting card.

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