Philip D. Hawkins - West Coast Postal - A2 Class

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A2 LNER BR Steam Train Railway Locomotive Christmas Card by Railway Artist Philip D. Hawkins


A stalwart of the Scottish region, 60527 Sun Chariot would have to power her way through such stormy conditions during her many duties in winter. The A2, one of the most successful of all the British Locomotives were designed by Peppercorn for the LNER as slightly smaller mixed-traffic engines for use alongside his express A1 Class, having smaller 6' 2" driving wheels in comparison with the A1 6' 8". This did not however hamper their abilities as passenger locomotives with speed of 100mph+ being recorded.


This Christmas card would be ideal for any Railway Enthusiast or Modeller, especially those interested in the LNER or the BR (Eastern Region)

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