Preparing for the Push - Mk.IV Tank & RAF R.E 8 Original Drawing

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Royal Aircraft Factory RE.8 and Mk.IV Tank Original Pencil Drawing by Lee Lacey AGAvA

From the Battle of Cambrai through to the end of the war, the tanks of the Commonwealth and French armies gave their forces an edge against German fortified positions on the Western Front. From the end of the German Spring Offensive in 1918 the close support and co-operation between the newly formed Royal Air Force and Army was exemplary with tanks being diverted to any part of the front that they were needed. Such tactics were an important part in what would become the 100 day push, still one of the most successful operations ever performed by the British army.  Here the crew of a British Mk.IV tank replenish ammunition while an R.E 8 leaves on an artillery observation mission.

This original pencil drawing is A3 size and comes ready framed

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