Richard Wheatland - Ariel and Panther Motorbikes

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Ariel and Panther Motorbike Blank Birthday Card by Motoring Art Richard Wheatland


In this interesting painting by Richard Wheatland we see two of the other great names of British motorcycles, Ariel and Panther. 


Ariel produced motorcycles of single, twin and four-cylinder configuration, many of which were for side-car pulling. Most famous of the marques motorcycle must surely be the Square Four or Squariel as it is quite often called. The motorcycle in the picture is a Model VH 500cc from around 1955.

Panther are known mostly for their large capacity side-valve engined motorcycles built for side-car pulling. The manufacturer did however make other capacity motorcycles in attempts to take advantage of the current market trends. The first is a 1930s era Model 20 Red Panther while the rear one is a 1960s 250cc. 

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