Robin Pinnock - Coronation Harvest - 6220 Coronation

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Train Birthday Card showing Coronation class 6220 Coronation


One of the most beautiful locomotive / train combinations ever to run in Britain, the Coronation Scot was the LMS' answer to the LNER's "Flying Scotsman" service. Timed to co-inside with the Coronation of King George VI in 1937 for maximum publicity, the locomotives were designed by William Stanier to the 4-6-2 or "Pacific" wheel arrangement then quickly becoming the standard for express passenger locomotives in Britain. 

On its test run, 6220 Coronation achieved a then world-record speed of 114mph, this causing a media frenzy and further enhancing the locomotive's reputation. During the war years it was found that the streamlined casing caused a great deal of trouble in general maintenance, leading to the removal of this and the re-naming of the class by Railway Enthusiasts as the "Duchesses". One locomotive has recently received its casing again, 6229 Duchess of Hamilton proudly standing at the National Railway Museum, York.  


Robin Pinnock's railway birthday card shows 6220 “Coronation” powering along with the special set of coaches produced for the train.

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