Robin Pinnock - George St. - Glasgow Tram

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Glasgow Scotstown Tram Blank Birthday / Greeting Card by Transport Artist Robin Pinnock


The last of the public transport tramways in Britain, Glasgow retained its tramway system until 1963, almost fifteen years after the last tram in London and  a full ten years since the replacement scheme was muted.


The reason for this success lay in the city's Transport Board being able to build and maintain its own tram cars long after the disappearance of the type elsewhere in Britain. This was done at the Coplawhill Car Works with the network stretching quite a way out into the neighbouring towns and cities.


Unlike in Europe, where new trams and tramways were being rapidly built, the types used in Glasgow were built from the late 1890s through to the mid 1920s but were continually improved during their service life.


With the end of Glasgow's tram system, Glaswegians lost a trusted, faithful and well-liked friend 

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