Roden 1-48 Airco DH.4 - SOLD

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Professionally Built model of the Airco DH.4 (Roden 1/48)


One of the fastest aircraft of WWI, the Rolls Royce Eagle equipped DH.4 was a superb aircraft that became a victim of its own success. Such was its initial impact, that the manufacturers could not produce engines for the aircraft, resulting in the use of other, less powerful, powerplants. Added to the distance between the pilot and gunner, this produced several variants that were sub-standard. The aircraft was replaced in service by the disastrous DH.9 and finally by the DH.9A, an aircraft that mated the new fuselage with the old engine.


This is Roden’s model in 1/48 scale. It was painted in Tamiya acrylics. A similar model, built without modification, would cost £95.00, plus the cost of the kit. Please contact us through the Commissions section if you are interested

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