Special Hobby 1-48 Pfalz D.XII - SOLD

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Professionally Built model of the Pfalz D.XII (Special Hobby 1/48)


Though not as famous as the Fokker D.VII, the Pfalz D.XII was a rugged workhorse. Often derided by the pilots of the German Imperial Air Service who wished to fly the Fokker machine, Pfalz equipped Jasta’s did good work in the closing months of the war. Post-war a number of aircraft were sent back to the United States where they took part in several feature films, including The Dawn Patrol


The 1/48 scale model seen here has been built from the Special Hobby multi-media kit and painted in Lifecolour acrylics. A similar model, built without further modifications would cost £80.00, plus the cost of the kit. Please contact us through the Commissions section if you are interested

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