Stephen Brown - Typhoon Scramble - Hawker Typhoon

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Aviation Fighter Plane Art Birthday Card - Hawker Typhoon Birthday Card


The Hawker Typhoon was very nearly a disastrous failure as in its intended air superiority role it lacked high altitude performance and manoeuvrability. However, it was soon discovered that the aircraft was phenomenally fast at lower altitude, could take massive punishment and could carry a large payload. These assets made it ideal for countering Geran tip and run raiders and later as a ground-attack platform.


Having moved on to the Typhoon from the Spitfire, 609 Squadron were initially sceptical of the big fighter but soon learnt to fly to its strengths. These are early example 'car door' Typhoons sometime in 1942-43.


Stephen Brown's aviation art themed birthday card would be ideal for anyone with an interest in the Typhoon or aviation in general.  

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