Stuart Booth - The Final Pass - Michael Schumacher Ferrari (w)

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Michael Schumacher Ferrari during the 2006 Brazil Grand Prix Formula One Art Card by Stuart Booth


Brazil 2006, the last race of the season and Seven times World Champion Michael Schumacher’s last race before his retiring from Formula 1.  There has always been a suspicion that Schumacher wasn’t really ready to retire and the events of this race showed him still at the top of his game.  Going into the race he had only the slimmest of chances of winning another Championship following an engine failure whilst leading the previous Grand Prix, in Japan.  Qualifying only in tenth, following another engine problem, Schumacher was making quick progress through the field until a rear tyre punctured whilst overtaking Fisichella and the resulting pit stop dropped him right to the back.  Then followed one of the best races of Schumacher’s career, charging through the field, until towards the end he was closing on Raikkonen’s McLaren in fourth place and with two laps to go he squeezed through on the inside of turn 1.  However he had run out of time to catch third placed Jenson Button and missed out on one last podium finish and had to concede the title to Alonso.



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