Supermarine Spitfire - Aircraft of the RAF DVD

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Royal Air Force DVD on the Supermarine Spitfire Fighter of WWII


The most famous fighter aircraft ever made in Britain, the Spitfire embodies a spirit and is seen by a great many people as a living entity as much as a machine.


Fast, powerful and in the right hands able to outfly just about any other aircraft it encountered, the aircraft would have its power doubled and its armament trebled durings its 22-mark production run. In addition there were a number of other variants, the most significant being the Seafire, which replaced a number of ageing aircraft in the Fleet Air Arm's inventory. The Seafire was not the great success that the land-based version had been, mainly due to its construction which found the rigours of Naval combat not to its liking.


This DVD has a running time of 62 minutes with 13 minutes of bonus features and is region free. 

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