Back to the Front - Vanwall and Cooper F1 Cars


Vanwall and Cooper T-51 at the Revs Institute Motorsport Art Print by artist Richard Wheatland


Two classic Racing cars are seen at the "Revs Instritute", situated at Naples, Florida.

The nearest car is a 1958 Vanwall Formula 1 car, specially designed to "Beat those bloody red cars!". In this year victories for Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks secured the Constructor's Championship for the team while Moss lost out by a single point to Mike Hawthorn of Ferrari. point to Mike Hawthorn of Ferrari.

At the rear is the Cooper T-51 held in the collection. One of the first rear-engine cars  seen in Formula 1, the car was raced by several different outfits in the 1960 season, this particular example seeing action with the Yeoman Credit Racing Team i.


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