The Three Spitfires - BSA, Supermarine, Trumph Spitfire

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BSA Supermarine Triumph Spitfire Aviation Aircraft Painting Art Print by Aircraft Artist Lee Lacey AGAvA


In 1967 three classics are seen together during the making of the film 'Battle of Britain'.

The Triumph Spitfire had been released in 1962, with the Mk.III shown here new for 1967. BSA's Spitfire was produced from 1966 until 1968 being one of the fastest production motorcycles of the era. The Supermarine Spitfire AI-A is in reality the Mk.IX MH434 which was modified for the film to resemble a Mk.I and became the mount of Robert Shaw's character in the film

The pub, "The Jackdaw Inn" is still used as such and is in Denton, Kent. In the film Christopher Plummer meets Susannah York there and they are shown walking out of the pub.


This print is available in two sizes, both limited to 100 each. Every print is signed and numbered by the artist.


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