Desert Stalwarts - Matilda Infantry Tank & Hawker Hurricane

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Matilda Infantry Tank and Hawker Hurricane Original Pencil Drawing by Lee Lacey AGAvA

The initial fighting in North Africa brought together two classics of WWII. The Matilda II infantry tank had proven itself in France during the fierce fighting in May 1940 but was to come into its own when used by 7 RTR. The ‘Queen of The Desert’ was to become an icon of the desert war, being immune to all Italian and German anti-tank guns other than the 88mm. Hawker’s Hurricane had already become an icon during the Battle of Britain but it was the desert where its rugged simplicity really shone through. The aircraft of 33, 80, 261 & 274 squadrons were more than a match for the aircraft used by the Italians.

This original is A3 in size and comes ready framed

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