Preparing for Drag - Thornycroft Antar

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Thornycroft Antar - Tank Transporter BAOR Painting Art Print by Lee Lacey AGAvA


In the early 1980s 16 Tank Transporter Squadron are seen preparing their vehicles for the moving of heavy equipment, known to all as 'Drag'.


16 Squadron were originally formed after WWII with a large number of Polish members and took on the twin-headed Polish Eagle as their badge.  Their vehicles were marked with small yellow bumper tabs and the unit was initially equipped with the Diamond T-980 tractor and Rogers trailer of WWII vintage. From the mid-1950s the Thornycroft Antar became available and versions of this vehicle would serve for over thirty years before being supplanted by the Scammell Commander (see our Big Lifters print). 


Seen on a typical grey Autumn day at their base at Fallingbostel, known to all squaddies as 'Fally'. The vehicles preparing are a Thonycroft Antar Mk.3 ballast tractor and Mk.3 Tank transporter while the outrider is mounted on a Triumph Tiger 750 motorcycle. 


The print is available in two image sizes, 16" x 9.25" and 20" x 11.75". Both sizes are limited to 100 copies of each and are individually signed and numbered. 

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