The Defenders' Defender - RAF Regiment Scorpion & Harrier

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Scorpion CVR(T) and Harrier GR.3 RAF Regiment Painting Art Print Lee Lacey AGAvA


Entering service with the British Army in 1973, the Scorpion and Spartan APC would become the preferred vehicles of the RAF Regiment from 1981 when over 180 Scorpions were put into service.


The vehicles were used for airfield defence and one is seen on exercise in Germany in their intended role.


The Harrier needs little introduction with the GR.3 version here being stalwarts of RAF Germany with 3 and 4 Squadrons operating the variant from 1977 to 1989.


This image is available in two sizes, Limited to 100 of each. The first is 14" x 11.25" (17" x 14.5" inc borders) the second is 18" x 14.25" (22" x 18.5" inc borders).

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